Volumetric Filling Machine 500 ml

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Volumetric Dispensers are economical, easy to use, and easy to maintain. They use product volume, instead of weight or product flow, as a ways to continuously dispense equal qualities of product.

Working principle: Imagine you fill a cup with rice and weigh it. As long as you continue filling that cup under the same conditions the resulting weight will always be the same. Thus, weighing the product becomes redundant.

Volumetric Fillers come equipped with one or more volumetric cups, which are fed by gravity from a hopper. Product flows into the cup, and the contents of the cup are then dispensed onto the package. The weight of the product is changed by adjusting the volume of the cup. Smaller cups dispense less product, while larger cups will dispense more.

Our machines are equipped telescopic cup systems, which allow a single set of cups to dispense a range of volumes, thus reducing the need of additional tooling and allowing for fine-tuning due to changing packaging conditions.


  • Extremely Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Extremely Easy to Operate
  • Fully self contained – does not require compressed air
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Machine Includes one Drum with Triple telescopic (adjustable) cup system
  • Fill Range with included cups 300 ~ 500 ml
  • All product contact areas made of Stainless Steel or PTFE.
  • Approximate Speed: 40 pcs/min(depending on operator speed, product flow)
  • Suitable to fill granular free flowing products such as peas, beans, grain, coffee, rice, etc.
  • Rugged Triple Cup Rotary System
  • Electro mechanical Operation
  • Digital Numeric Display with Reset Button
  • Proximity Sensor for automatic cycle start
  • Supported by Casters
  • Includes Electronic Pedal for semi automatic operation
  • Includes Parts kit

Control Panel:

  • Master ON/OFF
  • Digital Cycle Counter
  • Semi Auto/Continuous Operation Selector Switch
  • Cycle Counter ON/OFF Switch

Other Specifications:

  • Power: 400 W
  • Electricity: 220V/60Hz
  • Machine Weight: 265 lbs (120 Kgs)
  • Machine Size: 26" (660mm) x 22" (559mm) x 72" (1830mm) H
  • Boxed Machine Size: 29" (737mm) x 24" (610mm) x 81" (2057mm) H
  • Boxed Machine Weight: 290 lbs (132 Kgs)

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