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Secure your pallets using high-performance cast stretch film for safer, more dependable palletised storage and transportation. Pre-stretched cast film decreases the weight of the roll and the cost to you per length while still retaining the same high performance levels. By using fold-over edges top and bottom, we ensure sufficient strength for the most exacting pallet-wrap requirements.

We guarantee the highest cast machine stretch film yields in India

From medium-sized independents to large blue-chip companies, we meet the pallet protection needs of companies throughout Europe, helping to secure supply chains and improve the efficiency of distribution lines.

Our premium stretchwrap. A quality hybrid cast film offering superior elasticity, higher puncture resistance and excellent ‘stretch memory’. These benefits maximize the value per wrap and ensure stable and secure pallets long after wrapping has been completed. This film has ultra high clarity for ease of product identification and barcode scanning and is virtually silent to apply. Enjoy the peace of mind as your goods are transported across the country and around the globe.

CLING: Specially formulated one sided cling means Clearwrap clings to itself but not the neighbouring pallets.

MEMORY: Excellent ‘stretch memory’ means guaranteed pallet integrity, keeps loads stable and secure during transport and long after film is applied.

PUNCTURE RESISTANCE: Extra tough film with high puncture resistance which practically eliminates tearing on sharp irregular products and pallet corners.

CLARITY: Crystal clear film ensures top quality presentation, ease of product identification and barcode scanning.

LOW NOISE: Super quiet unwind allows application near offices and telephones.

PROTECTION: Rolls come packed in durable cardboard cartons or heavy cardboard outer for pallet lots to prevent roll damage and dust build up.

Stretch Wrap and Films Range

  • Sizes: 100mm to 3m wide
  • Thicknesses: 12.5µm to 100µm
  • Compliance

Our entire clear hand stretch wrap range is made from high performance cast film; one of the most commonly used materials for pallet wrap, and the highest quality type. It is perfect for general use and will ensure that the products on your pallet are all kept safe and protected from dust.

We can guarantee consistent and accurate thickness and roll length through strictly regulated production tolerances. Our factory manufactures film to ISO 9001 certification and conducts the following quality checks:

  • Friction: Checks the smoothness of the film
  • Elongation: Measures how much the film stretches
  • Dart Drop Impact: Records the pressure required to puncture the film

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