Semi Electric Stacker

Can’t decide whether you need a manual or electric powered pallet stacker? Perhaps our semi electric pallet stackers are just what you’re looking for. Our semi electric stackers can act as both an electric pallet stacker and a manual hydraulic pallet stacker, allowing you to load and unload goods both manually and electronically.

Sometimes referred to as semi electric hydraulic stackers, our semi electric pallet stackers are one of our most versatile pieces of machinery. Our semi electric stackers are designed to be durable and reliable. They make moving loads around a warehouse easier and allow you to easily load and unload vehicles or containers. Semi electric pallet stackers can lift goods from 400kg up to 1500kg and up to 3.5m high. A key feature of the manual hydraulic pallet stacker is that they have adjustable forks and load arms, ensuring effective operation. One of the many advantages of a semi electric pallet stacker is its ability to save time and complete tasks in a safe and manageable way. All of our manual hydraulic pallet stackers feature integrated chargers and low maintenance batteries. The wheel rollers are made from polyurethane, so that your machine runs smoothly and quietly. They also benefit from overload protection, providing you with absolute peace of mind.

At VG Pack, we have a range of stackers that are semi electric to suite your needs. As part of our range of semi electric hydraulic stackers, we supply semi electric stackers that come with a removable platform table to allow you to load and unload cartons and other products with ease, semi electric pallet stackers that have a safe grip with smooth running polyurethane rollers, and semi electric stackers that have central brakes for added stability. If you want to take the labour out of lifting whilst maximising safety, then a manual hydraulic pallet stacker from Bluetruck could be exactly what you need.

As always, our manual hydraulic pallet stackers are manufactured to an incredibly high standard by German engineers, HanseLifter. So, you can be sure that your semi electric hydraulic stacker will be extremely safe and easy to operate. Our HanseLifter semi electric pallet stackers are CE certified and each come with a 12-month warranty.


  • Drive: Manual
  • Type of operation: Pedestrian
  • Load Capacity /rated load: 1500kg
  • Load center distance: 600mm
  • Wheelbase: 1160mm
  • Lift 2500mm

Wheels Chassis

  • Wheels: Nylon/PU
  • Wheel Size Front: 180mm × 50mm
  • Wheel Size Rear: 74mm × 70mm
  • Track Width Front: 658mm
  • Track Width Rear: 390mm/490mm

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