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VG Pack only source films from reputable sources, we do not ‘spot buy’ or source from manufacturers that do not meet the criteria of our ISO and BRC obligations and we audit our suppliers on a very regular basis.

VG Pack have long term partners in the supply of PVC Shrink Films, our rolls are guaranteed to length and thickness and (unlike some suppliers in this market) we do not use codes to describe the specification of the films. Because of this customers often find that Soretrac films can be matched to existing films at a thickness that may be less than you think that you are using - contact us to establish what specification of film you are actually using and we will be happy to advise.

We also have other technical films available so regardless of your application VG Pack can advise you which technical solution to choose and how to implement it.

Our range of films includes the following:

PVC Shrink Film is available in 12.5, 15, 19 and 25 microns Centre Folded or flat and in a variety of shrinkage profiles.

Benefits of PVC Shrink Film

  • Centre folded on the roll at varying widths.
  • Offers excellent clarity, ideal for retail facing products.
  • Contains a compound to make it suitable for food products, contains no DOP, DINP or DBP.
  • To be used with a shrink film system.
  • Requires a heat source to seal it securely around products.


This film is produced in a multi-layer system using a special compound suitable for food packaging and other applications. It is also environmentally friendly.

We recommend that any PVC film in contact with food should be used within a 3 month time scale, after this time the food grade ingredient in the film will start to deteriorate.

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