Manual Hydraulic Stacker

VG Pack have a large range of Hydraulic Stackers from Standard Stackers for Open Boarded pallets to Straddle Leg Stackers Pallet stackers for Open and Closed Boarded pallets due to wrap around forks at the base of the stacker. We hold in stock a wide range from 1000kg-1500kg capacities and with lift heights of 1.6m. Pallet Stackers are a step up from the traditional Pallet Truck and take the burden out of lifting pallets as well as moving them. They are an economical alternative to a forklift truck and because of their smaller size and weight they can be used in smaller spaces. Ideal for warehousing and light manufacturing applications.

All of our Hand Stackers are complete with smooth steerable rolling wheels and high quality seal kits providing optimal performance. Manufactured with durability and ease of use in mind. Some units feature brakes for safe parking and can lift up to 1600mm.

Hand Stackers are operated by the user pumping a lever much like a pallet truck however instead of the forks being raised by a jack they are lifted using a link chain or in some cases a wire cable connected to a winch, often known as a winch stacker. Winch Stackers offer quicker raising and lowering of loads while also maintaing the brake to provide total control over the load.

Top Quality and Total Reliability

  • 500kg capacity with a 1.6m lift height.
  • Robust steel profile construction.
  • Lifting function operated by foot and hand controls.
  • Precision engineered for smooth operation and performance.
  • An economical lifting solution for lifting pallets, skids and dies.
  • Ideal for operating in small areas.

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