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The hand-operated impulse sealers are inexpensive and portable machines used to seal Plastic bags, polypropylene (poly bags), bubble bags, PVC, polyester, poly/cello films, humidity-proof cellophane film, aluminum foil bag, PO-film-coated EPE foam bag, kraft paper bag and teabag. They are used to seal products such as medical pouches, food and beverage products, gift items, and office supplies.


  • Food and non-food applications
  • Commercial and home use
  • Seals a wide variety of bags & films
  • Adjustable heat controls
  • Timer for sealing control
  • Compact and portable
  • Seals all kinds of plastic
  • No warm up time needed

Technical Specifications

  • Just connect the power cable to your socket,adjust the heating time according to Sealing Thickness of the material. Put the plastic bag on it,then press the handle, the led indicator light will be on, the machine will control the heating time itself. When the LED indicator light is off, the power automatically disconnect. Release the handle after 1-2 seconds, then it’s finished sealing.
  • The Led indicator Light is on only when the machine is sealing, it's not on if you just connect it to socket.
  • If damage appears when it’s sealing, that’s because the heating time is too long, then shorten the heating time by rotating the timer knob with anticlockwise rotation.
  • If Insecure sealing appears, that’s because the heating time is too short, then extend the heating time by rotating the timer knob with clockwise rotation
  • If the plastic bag is sticky to machine,that’s because the cooling time is not long enough. Please extend the cooling time after the LED light is off, hold longer time to release the handle.
  • If heating time is adjusted, don’t do any change when it’s sealing or continuous sealing.
  • You can always connect the power cable to the socket, because if it’s not sealing, it won’t have any Electrcity consumption.

Technical Specifications

Model Seal ( mm) Power Weight
Length Width V W Kg
QS 200 HB 200 1.6 240 210 3
QS 300 HB 300 1.6 240 360 4.6
QS 300 HW 300 3.0 240 360 4.6
QS 200 HS 200 1.6 240 135 2.7
QS 200 D 200 1.6 240 210 2.7
QS 400 HB 400 1.6 240 450 5.5

Warranty: This machine comes with a 12 month manufacturer 'return to base' warranty. In the event of a breakdown (which is extremely rare), simply send the machine to us and we will repair and send back to you.

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