Biodegradable Stretch Film

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We at VG Pack are delighted to be one of the first companies in the India to announce the addition of biodegradable stretch film to our product line. It’s an important milestone in our long-term objective of providing greener packaging solutions that are friendly to our planet but still conform to our high standards of performance.

The properties are achieved by the addition of an biodegradable additive to the film which changes the behaviour so that it breaks down and degrades, regardless of the disposal route. The beauty of this is that we can engineer the film to a desired lifespan depending on your requirements (typically 3-12 months).

The material begins the degradation process in the instant it is exposed to sunlight (UV), mechanical stress or moisture meaning that there are no extra efforts required compared with using standard stretch films.

Through extensive testing, we have concluded that this is the best method of achieving an eco-friendly stretch film which still has the required elongation and memory properties to make it an alternative solution to our standard stretch films.


  • Non-toxic.
  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Compliant with UK, EU and US food regulations.
  • Identical in performance to our standard stretch film.

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